Elliott’s Sports Analysis Secrets

Elliott’s Sports Analysis Secrets

To mark the 20th anniversary of the first ‘Elliott’s Golf Form’ Keith now takes all the concepts he created in his thirteen golf books, adds two more with the God Squad and the Gay Factor, and applies them all to ALL sports in his latest new Book.

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Available also by phoning the Racing Post shop on 01933 304 858.

The concepts identified and discussed in 10 Chapters and 58,000 words are;

‘This very readable work gives a new generation of punters the opportunity to see how an ever-alert, inquiring mind works’
‘Keith Elliott has always made Sport betting a whole lot more fun thanks to his avant garde theories’ – Jeremy Chapman, Racing Post Book Review

‘Anyone who likes a bet or is just interested in how we humans operate will be captivated from first page to last … In fact I’d go so far as saying that your pre and post match discussions will never be the same again’ – Dave Tindall, golf editor Skysports.com.

Keith’s well known earlier publications, that are now unfortunately out of print, are listed below.

Previous Publications

Title Publisher Foreword by
Elliott’s Golf Form 2007 Portway Press ———–
Elliott’s Golf Form 2006 Portway Press ———-
Elliott’s Golf Form 2005 Portway Press Jamie Spence
Elliott’s Golf Form* 2004 Portway Press Richie Benaud OBE
Elliotts’ Golf Form 2003 Portway Press Jeremy Chapman
Elliotts’ Golf Form 2002 Portway Press Ewen Murray
Elliott’s Golf Form 2001 Portway Press Ewen Murray
Elliott’s Golf Form 2000 Portway Press Angus Loughran
Elliott’s Golf Form 1999 Portway Press Jimmy Tarbuck
Elliott’s Golf Form 1998 Portway Press Peter Alliss
Elliott’s Golf Form 1997 Aesculus Press Derek McGovern
The Golf Form Book 1996 Pride of Place Derek McGovern
The Golf Form Book 1995 Pride of Place Derek McGovern
How to win at Golf Betting Portway Press[1997]
* EGF 2004 was runner up in the William Hill sponsored Gambling Book of the Year 2005